New Laptop

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The time had finally come for a new laptop. My Acer Timeline was a trooper. I had that thing for 4 years and put it through hell. It kept ticking though. However, I needed something much lighter to lug around with me and the battery was no longer holding a charge.

Behold, my new baby: The Asus Zenbook 305FA.


It’s so beautiful. Check it out: This thing is so thin and light. It’s lighter than just the charger of my old Acer. I believe thinner than the Macbook Air too.

Besides it’s stunning looks and lightweight, it is also super fast with an awesome display. My only complaints are the lack of a backlit keyboard (for $200 more I could have got the 303 but it was thicker/heavier and felt less sturdy) and I’m still getting used to the different trackpad.

Also, I am running Linux again. After a brief trial running Zorin OS on my Acer (which I recommend to anyone wanting to leave Windows for Linux, it’s an easy transition), I am running the beautiful Elementary OS with my Zenbook.

Beautiful OS for a beautiful laptop. Elementary looks and feels a lot like Mac without the Mac prices and has more customization cause, duh, Linux.

And it’s Linux. Free! As in freedom AND as in beer.

If you want a Macbook Air but can’t or won’t pay those prices/want to run Windows/Linux, I recommend the Asus Zenbook 303 series with Elementary OS. You can use the extra $1000 you saved to but burritos or pay your student loans or something.